The supreme court has announced the verdict of the case filed by the lawyer Abdulla Haseen to decide whether the Kaashidhoo constituency MP Ismail Abdul Hameed will lose his seat in the parliament or not

01 Oct 2017   news  

The Supreme Court has announced the verdict on case number 2011/SC-C/46 filed against the government by the lawyer Abdulla Haseen. The judgment reads as such; “in relation to the aforementioned shariah and constitutional reasons, the case number 2010/Cr-C/567 of Criminal Court proved that Kaashidhoo constituency MP Ismail Abdul Hameed has committed a criminal offense and was banished to 01 year and 06 months. These charges by the Criminal Court were upheld by the High Court in its case number 2011/HC-A/233. Despite the fact that there is no room to conclude that Mr. Ismail Abdul Hameed has lost his seat in the Peoples Majilis, and as a result elections for that administrative division cannot be held, as the Kaashidhoo constituency, MP Ismail Abdul Hameed has the chance to appeal the case in the Supreme Court in order to prove the validity of the High Court’s judgment, as long as the High Court’s case number 2011/HC-A/233 judgment upholding the Criminal Court’s case number 2010/Cr-C/567 is in existence, Kaashidhoo constituency MP Ismail Abdul Hameed no longer holds the right to attend the meetings and cast his vote in the meetings.